Orlické hory
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Autumn in Bukačka

Autumn in Bukačka

Bukačka - nature reserve, the most prestigious small-scale protected area in Orlické hory (land register Sedloňov). Situated at 1000 m altitude on the main ridge with the area of 50,74 ha, it was established in 1954. The reserve encompass a relique of ground breech primeval forest with disseminated spruce and maple. Owing to climatic conditions, 200 years old tortuous breech stems of low quality wood are reaching barely 15 m. That is just why they could survive plundering of this mountain forest during past centuries.

A valuable moorland habitat on the phylitic gneiss subsoil is a further part of the reserve. Jirásek tourist path is splitting the domain into 2 parts, called "botanical garden of Orlické hory" for its herbaceous richness. Over 250 species is growing on this wet podzolic meadow which is of the primeval type - it means that even before the forcible deforestation of the whole mountainside a groveless surface insisted here.

Poisonous daphne mezereon and monkshood, insectivore drosera (sundew), bog violet are the most important plants.

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