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Čertův důl
The cross below Tetřevec

The cross below Tetřevec

Čertův důl (Devils pit), ancient name Geiersgraben - resort and holiday village (720 m) located in sloped valley beneath the grand ridge created by Homole (Loaf), Tetřevec (Moorcock) and Strážný (Watch hill), first mentioned as a woodcutter colony in 1790. Route passing the village through the hang ends in the Homole saddle.


Stones surrounding the route are storied by a legend : there was a miller who bet with a devil (whom else - being in the devil´s pit) to span the Zdobnice Creek valley with a bridge, since first morning cock crow to the next morning cock crow. The devil started to carry huge stones on his back but suddenly he was boggled by something and disappeared, leaving the stones on the spot. What was the reason of that, who had a finger in the pie? The legend keeps silent...

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