Orlické hory
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Hadinec, photo 1929, (H)
Hadinec, photo from 1929, (H)

Hadinec (Viper's Country, formerly Ottendorf, 775m) originated in the 17th century during the course of colonization of the Rokytnice domain alongside a creek in the southeast slope of Anenský vrch (Anna hill). In 1937 the St.Anna chapel from Anna Hill was transferred hitherto.



Between the World War I and II, none of touristic guide-books omitted the village lying on the Jirásek path, whether for magnificent views or because of "...the clean and rustic Kastner´s hostelry where even the staff handle the Czech language!..." (Chysky´s guide to Orlické Hory, 1913). That time Hadinec used to be a small German colony with some 70 inhabitants on the route form Rokytnice to Bärenwald (Neratov). Browsing through the following edition of this guide-book (Chyský, Hory Orlické, 1922) we may notice the Kastner´s already "...very good inn with two cabinets and five beds which could be fortified by next two on the ground floor and few straw beds on loft. But only after haymaking is over, more travellers can be accommodated..."


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