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Komáří vrch 992 m
Nature reservation Komáří vrch

Nature reservation
Komáří vrch

Komáří vrch (Mosquito Hill, formerly Mückenberg) - nature reserve at 992m above sea altitude, in the spine part of Eagle Mountains, built of magmatic rocks and orthogneiss. Together with local vegetation it is recognized as protected area of 16,38 ha since 1973. The core zone consists of scrubby mountain beechwood with spruce, rowan and fir trees and sub-alpine pinegrove. It's one of the few locations with authentic beechwood along the Jirásek* tourist path.

Military fortification structures of the 1936-1938 years are spread out in the neighbourhood. There is an artillery observation point "R-S-91 Peak" belonging to the Hanička fortress erected right on the Mosquito hilltop, unfortunately inaccessible due to nature-preserve (military facilities summary see Fortification - Rokytnice locations).

Below the Mosquito Hill through Mezivrší gap a hilly drive-way goes from Říčky to Černá voda.


*Alois Jirásek, 1851-1930, university professor and author of numerous historical publications, both scientific and belletristic, once the most published and read writer, native in near-by Hronov.


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