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Being thrown upon the public transport bliss, the best starting points to Orlické Mountains are Náchod, Nové Město nad Metují, Rokytnice v Orl.h. a Mladkov. Those are rather comfortably accessible by train. Onwards you must continue either by bus or on your own foot.


DobrošovSo far as you wish to experience both upland and foothills, perfect basepoint is Náchod. Right above the town square dominates a castle, and on the opposite hill any higher two museums and a view tower. The first one is a well-known Dobrošov fortress and a visit of its underground takes you about an hour. The latter is an infantry casemate Březinka upon Náchod-Běloves. However this construction does not possess imposing underground halls as Dobrošov, it is furnished with practically entire original equipment. The view tower is a part of Jirásek touring chalet built in 1923 and being under reconstruction at present. That's why the tower is open during touristic season at weekends only.


Another outstanding starting point is Nové Město nad Metují. A red marked "Jirásek´s upland path" begins there, guiding you through picturesque Peklo (Hell) valley, tiny castle Frymburk ruins with a townlet Nový HrádekWhere there is excellent tea, there vodka is drank less. (Russian  prowerb) to Olešnice v Orl.horách where it gets to climb up the main mountain ridge. (This about 20 km/13 miles long trace you may cope by bus going from Nové Město to Olešnice or via Sedloňov to Deštné what is the next initial point to the main ridge). In Nové Město you should give an attention to the Bartoň castle just in the town square corner and excellent tea-room in an old monastery between the town square and Rychta.


Rokytnice v Orl. horách is located in the area where Orlické mountains verge into Žamberk Woodlands (which of course are an integral part of Orlické hory). After some 7-8 km/5 miles tour with 400m/quarter mile rise you may reach quite easy the main ridge. Again, you may use buses going to Říčky (rather often) or via Bartošovice to Orlické Záhoří (less frequently). Leaving the bus at Panské Pole - Hanička, you may visit 1,5km/about a mile distant artillery fortress Hanička.


Zemská brána (Land Gate)You may wish to travel north to northwest - than start from Mladkov. This little village in the Tichá Orlice valley use to be a start point to the Zemská brána (Land Gate), continuing from there along the Jirásek upland path to the north. Other possibility offers the educational path "Concrete frontier" to an artillery fortress Bouda and onwards to Suchý vrch.


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Anenský vrch

Bartošovice v O.h.


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Komáří vrch

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Luisino Údolí


Olešnice v O.h.

Orlice - Divoká, Tichá

Orlické Záhoří


Rokytnice v O.h.



Sedloňovský černý kříž

Suchý vrch


Šerlišský mlýn

Velká Deštná


Vrchní Orlice


Zemská brána

Orlické hory - © 2001 - 2002, Roman Zakopal        translation: V. Mátlová

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